Will An Untrained Dog Protect its Owner?

There are many reasons people get dogs and many want to have a dog to feel secure in their home, as well as have a friendly pet.

An untrained dog may protect its owner, but it’s more of a natural reaction and instinct for the dog. A dog will associate their owner as the one who feeds them and takes them for walks, and this relationship can make the dog protective of its owner.

Many dogs will bark at strangers, depending on the breed of your dog for some are more possessive and of course the larger breed dogs like German shepherd’s, Dobermann and Rottweiler have natural aggressive natures.

Will an Untrained Dog Instinctively Protect Kids?

Kids often bond with their dog and play with them sometimes being a bit ruff and most dogs will put up with this and even ask for more when it stops. So, why do dogs put up with children’s behavior?

Dogs are mostly social animals and as with wolfs in the wild there looking to fit in with their group and they know and submit to the social structure of the group. With dogs being taken into a family home and being raised as a pet, they know who the boss is and who fills there water and food dishes.

Your family setting isn’t unlike the wolfs in the wild from there viewpoint. Pets especially dogs know who their family is and will grow to have a protective nature towards their family.

You also need to be aware of this protective nature which can make your dog aggressive to people who are not part of their family group. This can be a problem and a danger to people not in the family group, it’s a good idea to give some training to your dog in regards to strangers who may be at risk.

Will My Dog Protect Me From an Intruder?

A dog is capable of protecting you and your home from an intruder or from other dangers, but an untrained dog will only do this in some cases or at all. This brings the question…Will burglars keep away from homes that have dogs? Here are some facts:

  • Approximately 35% of robbers who were surveyed would avoid a home that had a dog.
  • Overall homes that were broken into didn’t have a dog as compared to homes that did have a dog.

So having a barking dog can be a great deterrent at keeping away most burglars. That being said in some situations some dogs will do nothing if they were not trained to take action when these types of situations occur.

Dog’s do have a natural instinct to protect the pack [in this case your family]. This explains why dogs bark at strangers around your home… a mailman is a good example of this.

The dogs size or having a dog door and signs on your property is often enough to get a burglar to reconsider hitting your home and will likely more on to another home where there is no dog present.

If an intruder does get in dogs are smart enough to figure out what’s going on and begin to bark and growl which can scare the intruder away. What if you don’t have a dog? My Mom uses a “barking dog alarm” which is very effective. These types of alarms let possible intruders know you have a big dog inside and usually is a great deterrent.

If you don’t have a dog and would like some added protection I would consider getting one of these devices. You can check out Amazon’s full line of dog baking devices here.

How to Train a Dog for Personal Protection

There are many reasons you want your dog to protect you, and depending on how severe you want your dog to respond will determine the amount of training your dog will need.

Military and most police dogs are trained by one person and are not permitted to be friends with anyone else. These dogs only live with the owner and will defend them with their lives. It’s not likely you want your pet dog to be like these dogs.

If you want your dog to provide you with personal protection and be a family pet you’re going to need to give them some training, and this may not be suited for every breed of dog. You need a dog that can be social and confident without being overly aggressive.

Teaching Your Dog to Protect You

To begin this training find someone that your dog doesn’t know and stage an encounter while out for a walk with your dog. This stranger will approach you while you’re walking your dog and makes aggressive moves towards you.

The stranger should be wearing protective gear, you will then give your dog the bark command, the stranger will need to act scared and retreat from you. Doing this will give your dog more confident, and for me this is as much aggressive training I want my dog to have as there still a family pet.

If you want to take the training further you need to understand that a dog that is taught to attack will not be a good family pet. At this stage of training it’s a good idea to take your dog to professional training and you’ll need to know how to control your dog and call them off.

What Dog is Best for Home Protection?

I’m going to look at 4 dog breeds that have the natural protection instincts already. These breeds are large and will fit into a family setting and will be protective, and make good guard dogs.

First] Akita… A rather large dog that can reach 130 pounds with a height of about 28 inches. They already have the guard dog instinct so won’t need a lot of training.

You will need to train them with some simple obedience commands or if your more serious some basic guard dog training will heighten it skills. You’ll need to give it some social skills to help control aggression.

Second] German Shepherd… Very often used by the military and police forces as a working breed. It does have a very deep bond towards its family. You’ll want to give them some basic training and socialize them and likes to get lots of exercise. It can reach a weight of 100 pounds and stands about 25 inches tall.

Third] Doberman Pinscher… Very similar to height and weight of the German Shepherd of up to 100 pounds and up to 28 inches tall. It has a bad reputation of being aggressive; however it’s very docile and friendly with its family.

They are open to strangers until they sense danger or someone being aggressive towards someone in their family group. They will be good with protecting without any training, with some basic training its skills can be tuned and it will be an excellent guard and family dog.

Fourth] The Rottweiler… This breed also is known for its aggressive nature and can be a loving family dog and quickly take the roll of defender. If they trust you they will be loyal and show affection towards you.

They will be on guard with strangers until they have proven there not a threat. An excellent option for a guard dog with some training. You’ll need to give them some social training and routine with activities.

The Rottweiler weights in between 80 to 130 pounds and has an average height of 25 inches.

How Much Will Basic Training Cost

To have a dog trained for obedience and guard duties can cost between $30 to $50 and more for each lesson from a professional dog trainer. There are some package deals if you’re going to have more extensive training and that will cost anywhere from $200 to $600 for 6 lessons.

Dog obedience can cost from $500 to $1200 for a week of training. Of course these costs will vary depending of the depth of training and on your dogs breed. I recommend you get training if you want a good reliable guard dog.


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