How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

Cats are great pets except when the pee on the carpet, then the problem is how to get cat pee smell out of carpet? And we all know how hard it is to remove cat pee odor from carpet and other fabrics.

The best way to get rid of cat pee smell from carpet is to use a stain remover product that has enzymes in it. You need to use enzymes which will kill the bacteria which is causing the smell.

In this article I’m going to look at “why cats don’t pee in the litter box”, “how to stop cat from peeing on carpets”, “ways to remove cat pee smell” and “choosing a litter box”.

Why is Your Cat Avoiding The Litter Box?

Let’s take a look at the two main reasons why your cat is peeing outside of their litter box:

Number 1] Medical Problem… Before you take any action take your cat to a veterinarian for an exam and take a sample of their urine for any conditions they have that is causing your cat to pee on your carpet.

There are three main medical conditions that may be causing your cat to pee on the carpet or in other areas of your home:

First… Your cat may have stones in their bladder that can be causing discomfort and restrict and reduce the urine flow. Your vet will do an x-ray to determine if they have bladder stones and the size of the stones and begin treatment.

Smaller stones can be treated with a modified diet, while larger bladder stones will need to be surgically removed. If this is the case it’s likely the vet will put your cat on an antibiotic to prevent a possible infection.

Second… Bladder inflammation which can also lead to blood in their urine, your vet will test their urine to see if there are any signs of blood in it. The treatment is typically a change in their diet and modifying their surroundings, your vet may give them pain medication if needed.

Third… A type of metabolic issue or disease in their kidney, liver or they may have diabetes and even have a thyroid condition. There may also be a urinary tract infection present; again your vet will need to do some tests to confirm this. Antibiotics as used to treat these conditions.

Number 2] Behavioural Causes… If everything checks out health wise with your cat, then it’s something that your cat does not like. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why your can has stopped using the litter box:

Reason Number 1] Number of Litter Boxes… If you have more than one cat you should have at least one litter box for each cat. If you have one cat it may be they have decided to only poop in the box and pee elsewhere, try adding a second litter box so they can have one to poop in and one to pee in.

Reason Number 2] Litter Type… Perhaps you’ve changed the brand and type of cat litter recently and your cat may not like scent of the new litter. I have found that cats generally prefer non-scented clumping type that is similar to a sandy mixture.

I’d recommend you get a few different types and try them out and a couple litter boxes and offer your cat a choice and let them pick which kind they prefer. If for some reason you need to change litter type mix a little bit at a time into the old stuff so your cat can get used to the new litter.

Some cats can get fussier about litter as they get older, there’s a good variety of litter types and you made need to try a few before they start to use the litter box again and you do not have to deal with getting cat pee smell from your carpet.

Reason Number 3] Litter Box is Too Small… I have noticed that many of the litter boxes you can buy are small for an adult cat. Try using a larger container, there’s lots of great plastic storage boxes that you can use for a larger litter box for your cat.

I’ve seen some of those covered litter boxes which may be fine for most cats, however your cat may be feeling closed in and choosing to use your carpet instead. Try avoiding disposable litter box liners if you have a fussy cat.

Reason Number 4] Litter Box Location… Most cats like things to be the same, so if you have moved the litter box to a different location they may not use it. If you need to move your cats litter box be sneaky about it… Move it a couple of inches each day until it’s in new spot.

Also try and put the litter box in a quite location so your cat gets a bit of privacy and don’t put it near the area you use for feeding your cat. Another place to avoid is laundry room or in a tight spot. Also place it where small children can’t get to it, you can try using a baby gate with a pet door in it so your cat can get to it and others can’t.

Self cleaning large litter boxReason Number 5] Dirty Litter Box… It may be the litter box is too dirty and your cat won’t use it simply because it stinks. Cats have very sensitive noses so if you can smell the litter box they certainly can. Some cats will use their little box a couple times and stop using it until it’s cleaned; you might want to consider a self-cleaning litter box if your cat is this fussy.

Here’s a great self-cleaning litter on Amazon, the “Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box” it will automatically scoop after every use. Its extra-large size will fit nearly all cats and even has a night light for the senior cats. You can check it out here on Amazon.

Reason Number 6] Cat is Stressed… your cat may simply just be stressed especially if another cat or animal is marking its territory. Or maybe your cat is scared of the other animal which may be causing them to pee on the carpet.

Reason Number 7] Carpet Smells… Even after you have cleaned the carpet your cat may still be smelling the pee and using it as their litter box. In the next section I will go over some ways to get rid of the cat pee smell from your carpet.

Ways to Remove Cat Pee Smell

You walk into your house and you can smell that cat pee! And you probably already know the challenge on how to get cat pee smell out of carpet. So you clean it and it happens again… you may not smell it after the cleaning; however your cat can smell it and will be using that same spot as there litter box.

Here are some tips for removing cat pee odor from your carpet.

Tip Number 1] Don’t Rub It… You want to just blot it up using a towel or some paper towel, avoid trying to rub it out, all you’ll do is force the pee further into the carpet and it may enter the carpet underlay. If the smell is very offensive put on a mask while cleaning the cat pee up.

Tip Number 2] Don’t Use Ammonia For Cleaning… The problem with ammonia is it smells like cat pee and your cat may think it’s from another cat and pee there again.

Tip Number 3] Homemade Cleaner… Here’s a homemade cat urine cleaner you can try, mix a 3 to 1 mixture of warm water and vinegar. That’s 3 parts warm water to 1 part vinegar and pour the solution on the effective area. Let it soak into the area for 3 to 5 minutes.

Blot dry the affected area and when its dry place some baking soda over the area to absorb the remaining odor. For stubborn odors mix up a teaspoon of some dish soap into ½ to ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide and then apply on top of the baking soda, let dry and vacuum the area.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Urine ControlTip Number 3] Get an Enzyme Cleaner… Using a homemade cleaner may not completely remove the cat pee smell all the time, depending on how long the pee has been there. If your cat is still using that spot, it’s time to use an enzyme cleaning solution.

The reason an enzyme cleaner works so well is the enzymes dissolve the acid that’s present in cat pee, this is the part of the cat pee that stays behind when you use regular cleaners that just mask the smell, however your cat detect the acid in the urine.

When using an enzyme cleaner you need to really soak the area down and let it sit for at least 15 minutes and then dab the area to remove most of the cleaner and then allow it to air dry.

I’m going to recommend “Black Diamond Stoneworks Urine Control” for complete removal of urine smell from carpet, your furniture and any surface that has been soiled. The nice thing about this product is there 100% guarantee that it will remove the smell or they will refund your money.

Also works on older pee smells and its perfectly safe for use with your pets, family members and the environment. You can see it here on Amazon.

finding cat pee in carpetTip Number 4] Finding Spots That are Soiled… Another issue you may have getting cat pee out of carpet is being able to find the exact soiled spot. A really helpful device is using a black light to find the exact spot your cat has been peeing.

Getting rid of cat pee smell may be difficult, but it’s not an impossible task, if you have the right tools on hand. Using a black light will highlight the areas your pet cat or dog has been peeing and allows you to clean these areas to avoid future events.

Black lights are pretty cheap to buy, Check out Amazons selection of black lights here.

Choosing a Litter Box

You might think your cat going to use their litter box and most will however there are some cats that are very fussy about the size of the litter box, and some need deeper boxes because they like to kick up when burying their mess.

Let’s take a look at choosing the right litter box that will keep your cat using it for their bathroom instead of your carpet or bedding.

What Size Should the Litter Box Be?

Of all the factors to consider when picking a litter box the size should be the first thing you look at. Having enough room for your cat to do their business with some to spare so they can move a bit will keep them using it.

It should be big enough that they can dig to find a spot to use without having to do it from the outside of the box. The extra space gives them some room to avoid existing deposits. A good rule to follow is it should be the length of your cat with their tail extended. Width should be at least the length of your cat’s body not including their tail.

How Tall Do the Sides Need to Be?

Another thing to consider is the height of sides and the back, you know your cat and if your always cleaning up messes outside of the box after every use than you may want to get a litter box that has higher sides and back to prevent the mess.

The normal height for side on a litterbox for a cat that doesn’t kick lots and spray is usually between 5 and 7 inches. For cats that are kickers and like to dig around get a litter box with sides between 8 to 12 inches but remember the front should be about 5 to 6 inches so they can get into the litter box easily.

Should You Get A Covered Litter Box?

This is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other… You’re going to have to experiment with your cat to see if a covered litterbox is an option. Just be sure that your cat can enter thru the door easily and be ready to use a regular box if your cat refuses to use it.

What’s a Good Litter Box?

Nature's Miracle High Sided Cat Litter BoxI’m going to recommend a couple that you can check out:

First… Is “Nature’s Miracle High Sided Cat Litter Box” a very reasonable priced litter box that comes with the higher sides, very easy to clean, non-stick to keep things fresh. It has a customer rating of 4.6/5 and has 4774 user ratings.

It also helps stop smells from getting into the plastic material with an antimicrobial protective coating which also helps with litter sticking to it. Check it out here on Amazon.

perfusion large litter boxSecond… Is the “Pet Fusion Large Litter box” which is recommended by vets for those older cats that have some medical conditions. It’s low entry allows for easy access and the high side and rear keeps messes in the box.

Has a non-stick coating which means easy to clean and the rounded edges allows for easy lifting. It has a microbial coating which helps to get rid of unwanted smells. It has a bigger size of 22 ½ inches by 18 inches and overall depth of 8 inches. See all the features here on Amazon.


No one wants to have to Google a search for “How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet” and taking the time to pick the right litter box and right location can really help keeping your cat in the litter box instead of using other areas for their bathroom. I Hope this article has been helpful for you and remember to give it a share. Thanks for reading.

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