How Often Should You Wash Your Dog With Fleas

Washing a dog with fleas

You just sat beside your dog and you start to itch, it’s then you realize your dog has fleas. Fleas don’t live on humans; however they can bite you and make life very unpleasant.

So how often should you wash your dog with fleas? This will require a good flea shampoo and should be done when you notice signs your dog has fleas. You can give them a second bath again, however read the manufactures recommendation which is usually between 7 to 14 days.

In this article I’m going to look at “choosing a flea shampoo”, “top 3 home flea remedies” and “how to get rid of fleas in your home”.

Choosing a Flea Shampoo

There is 2 main choices for shampoos for your dog, they are using a homemade shampoo or using a commercial dog shampoo. Be sure you use the shampoo that’s for your dog and don’t use it on any other pets [cats, puppies] without consulting your vet first.


Just giving your dog a bath will only deal with the fleas on them. You will also have to deal with the fleas in their bedding and other places in your home to prevent a reinfection.

Let’s Look at Homemade Flea Shampoos

This is the easiest homemade flea shampoo and you can get the ingredients from your local supermarket.


– Water. [Half a cup].

– Distilled white vinegar. [Quarter cup].

– Dawn liquid dish soap. [Quarter cup].

– A pump soap dispenser.

Combine the ingredients in the soap dispenser and make sure its mixed well, best to combine and mix just prior to using on your dog.


Step 1] Begin by wetting down your dog’s fir, massage the homemade flea shampoo into the fir getting down to the skin.

Step 2] Once you’ve completed massaging the shampoo into your dog’s fir wait about 5 minutes, it helps to keeping your dog busy if you keep massaging them during the 5 minutes.

Step 3] Time to rinse the solution away along with any fleas, have a dog comb handy for removing fleas that are stuck to the fir.

Step 4] Give them a good towel drying.

Let’s Look at Commercial Dog Shampoos

Commercial flea shampoos will kill fleas and many other parasites that your dog may have, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a good flea shampoo:

– Effective Against Fleas & Ticks… Most of the commercial flea shampoos will get rid of fleas and ticks, some will remove flea eggs and lice. Read the manufactures label.

These types of shampoos also continue to protect your dog for 3 to 4 weeks after its use. Some shampoos will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away too.

– Ends the Fleas Reproduction Cycle… Another advantage of using these types of flea shampoos is it also stops the current cycle of eggs and larvae from living. While not every shampoo does this it’s something to look for in a good flea shampoo.

– Ends the Scratching and Itching… Getting rid of the fleas means your dog will get back to their normal self pretty quick. You don’t enjoy getting bitten by bugs and your dog will feel much better when the fleas are dealt with.

What to Look for in a Flea Shampoo

– It’s Ability to Prevent Reinfections… Some flea shampoos and other products not only kill the existing fleas, but continue to protect. Read the label of the shampoo before buying to be sure it will provide what you need. You can checkout Amazons full line of flea control here.

– Helps Sooth the Skin… Your dog’s skin can become inflamed from all the scratching, look for a shampoo that contains some aloe-vera, extract of coconut and oatmeal to help deal with the inflammation and bring soothing relief to your dog.

– Conditions the Fir… In addition to soothing the skin get a shampoo that has a conditioner, especially if your dog has curly fir. Using a combination shampoo will help with saving your money and your time.

– Will it Remove Lice… Lice can be a problem for dogs as well and there are shampoos the will kill lice and fleas allowing you to kill both at once.

– How Many Uses… Check out the shampoo to be sure it will deal with the fleas in one use, some shampoos require you to wash your dog several times to be effective.

Top 3 Home Flea Remedies

There are many home remedies you can try to get rid of fleas, let’s look at the top 3:

Number 1] Lemon Spray… This works great as a repellent, begin by slicing the lemon into the 4 quarters and then place in a bowl and add boiling water to cover the lemon quarters letting it sit overnight.

Place the mixture into a small spray bottle and spray it on your dog’s fir, be very careful to avoid getting any in their eyes. Make sure you spray well behind their ears, on the base of their tail and under each of their legs.

Number 2] Rosemary… Get about 2 cups of fresh rosemary and place in boiling water for about half an hour. Now strain the mixture and remove the leaves and then add some more warm water, the amount will depend on how big your dog is.

Let the solution sit until it cools down so it’s still warm, now apply the solution on your dog and be sure it’s well applied and let it dry off.

Number 3] Apple Cider Vinegar… This is typically used in a spray or can be added to your dog’s food. Combine a 50/50 solution of the apple cider vinegar and water and then spay on your dog’s fir.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Knowing how often should you wash your dog with fleas is helpful, however you need to get rid of the fleas in your home and take measures to get rid of fleas in your yard otherwise your dog will just be re-infected with fleas again.

If you dog is hosting adult fleas it’s very likely any place they go in the house will have flea eggs, larvae festering. You are going to have to get rid of those as well to prevent further infestations.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Inside Your House

Step Number 1] Vacuum… Begin by vacuuming all the surfaces and crevices and carpets. You can rent a steam cleaner for cleaning carpets, and any beds or areas that you can’t wash. Be extra particular in areas you dog likes to hang out in.

Step Number 2] Wash… Put all the bedding in the washing machine and use the hottest setting also dry the items in the dryer on the hottest setting.

Step Number 3] Chemicals… Use safe sprays rather than foggers, sprays can easily be used in areas that are hard to wash and vacuum. Avoid any contact with the spray until it has dried and make sure you wear gloves and spray when the house is empty. You can check out Amazons full line of flea spray products here.

How to Deal With Fleas Outside

This can be a challenge, begin by looking around your yard and identify places that are in the shade and humid. Areas in sunlight most likely won’t have any fleas. Watch where you dog goes in the yard and any favorite spot they have and where they lie down. Once you have determined these hot areas here’s how to get rid of the fleas.

Cut the grass… Give your lawn a good cutting and then rake it really good, be sure to put the clippings and other debris into garbage bays and throw them away. Don’t put the debris into your compost.

Remove Debris… Give any flower beds and brushes a good cleaning and you can even trim as much of brushes and any tree branches so you expose those areas to direct sunlight.

Get some cedar chips and place these in the areas that your dog likes to lay in also put some cedar chips below the brushes and in flower beds. Go to your local gardening store and see if they have any nematodes… These are tiny worms that love to eat flea larva and eggs; you can also put some sulfur granules in any other places that may have fleas.


Dealing with fleas can be a pain; however once you have the infestation under control it’s much easier to maintain it. Give my article a share to any of your friends or family that have pets. Thanks for reading.



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