How Much Do French Bulldogs Shed?

The French bulldog has been rising up in popularity in the past years and for many dog loving families many have been choosing the French bulldog for they quiet nature and smaller size. And those folks who are sensitive to dog shedding are looking for a breed that sheds less.

So, do French bulldogs shed? The answer is Yes, but not as much as many other dog breeds and if you know their shedding cycle you can keep the shedding to a minimum.

In this article I’m going to look at “do French bulldogs shed lots”, “how to keep your French bulldogs shedding to a minimum”, 7 things you can do to lessen the shedding mess” “grooming tips” and “shampoos for shedding dogs”.

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot?

They do shed, but they don’t shed like many other dog breeds, the French bulldogs low maintenance coat is why they shed less. If you get into a good habit of brushing your dog one or two times a week you’ll find much less shedding hair.

The most active time of shedding is in the springtime after a long winter, during this time you may want to brush them every other day to keep the shedding hair under control. The best brushes are a rubber glove that’s works as a brush or another good choice is a bristled brush that has soft bristles.

Keeping Your French Bulldogs Shedding to a Minimum

You’re not going to be able to completely end your French bulldog from shedding, but there are things you can do to lessen the shedding.

Number 1] Brushing… This is easy to do and will keep the shedding to a minimum; this is a great way to involve family members with the day to day upkeep of having a dog.

Number 2] Well Rounded Diet… Feeding your dog a healthy diet will increase the health of them and you’ll notice an improvement in your dog’s coat. Try adding some fatty acids to your dog’s diet to give their coat a nice sheen. Foods rich in Omega’s are recommended and giving them some fish will meet those needs.

Number 3] Feed Them Berries… Instead of the normal dog treats get some berries, if you’re unsure if you can give your dog berries give your vet a call and ask them.

Number 4] Use a Gentle Shampoo… This is another thing that will help lessen your French bulldogs shedding and that’s using a gentle shampoo. Read the label on the shampoo and pick one that provides ingredients for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera is a good choice as well as shea butter and tea tree oil.

While nearly all dog shampoos are great for sensitive skin avoid using a baby shampoo which is great for use on humans especially babies, but it doesn’t contain the necessary PH balance for a dog’s skin. Also when shampooing your dog make sure you dry their coat completely with a blow drier made for pets or use a microfiber towel.

7 Tips For Lessening the Shedding

Number 1] Regular Brushing… Get into a good routine of brushing your dog to remove those loose hairs from their coat. This is not only going to control the hairs and dander it will also give your dog a rich shinny coat.

Number 2] Give Them a Bath… Getting into a habit of bathing your dog will really help with hair shedding. When drying use a microfiber drying towel which will remove a lot of those loose hairs.

Number 3] Feed Them High Quality Food… As I mentioned earlier to feed them some foods that contain some fatty acids which will help with their coat and reduce shedding. Try to avoid feeding them too much meat by-products, products that have wheat and dyes as it can cause health problems for them.

Number 4] Supplements… Even giving your French bulldog good quality food may not decrease the shedding a lot. In this situation give them some supplements that contain omega 3. Remember to consult with your vet before giving them omega 3.

Number 5] Protect Your Furniture… Being a dog owner I know what it’s like to have dog hairs all over the furniture. I’ve been using sofa covers for a while now and they work great. I’m going to recommend “Sofa Shield” for the ultimate protection.

It has 8328 user ratings and a rating of 4.3/5. It has lots of colors and patterns to choose from, and will be a perfect fit and comes with a lifetime warranty. Check it out here on Amazon.

Number 6] Regular Cleaning… During peak shedding time give your home and carpets a daily vacuum and sweeping, this is a great way to keep the hairs being lodged into the carpet.

Number 7] Regular Checkups… If during your brushing routine you notice somethings not right with their coat or skin, which can be caused by fleas are ticks that can cause your dog to scratch more and this can cause more shedding. Always have your vet check out any issues you may be concerned about.

All dogs shed and the French bulldog is no exception, but by following the tips above you can minimize the shedding and keep their coat clean and shiny.

French Bulldog Grooming Tips

The nice perk of owning a French bulldog is there overall cleanliness, unlike other breeds you won’t have to bath your Frenchie every week. When it’s time to give them a bath don’t just use any old shampoo, they are susceptible to having allergic reactions that will result in them having skin problems that can lead to shedding.

It’s a good idea to talk to you vet and ask them to recommend a dog shampoo for your French bulldog. When bathing your Frenchie be very careful to keep their face dry, they have folded skin on their face and getting water in these folds and not properly dried can cause them to have infections.

During very humid conditions this can become a real problem for them and to help this issue you can apply some talcum powder or you can even use cornstarch to keep this sensitive area dry. Frenchie’s are more likely to have skin conditions and have reactions to many things, again talk to your vet about your options for their allergies.

In addition to dealing with their coat they will need their toenails trimmed as needed, it a good idea to start when their a puppy and use the correct tool. If you’re unsure you can take your dog in for nail cutting.

As part of their grooming process give their eyes a check especially for tear stains below the eyes. While this is a sign that the tear ducts are producing too much tears, it’s usually not a problem, however keep an eye on the area and if it’s getting redder and your Frenchie is rubbing it a lot it could be a sign of infection. Take your dog to your vet if things look worse.

The nice advantage the French bulldog has over other bulldog breeds is they have much less problems with their ears. Even so you still should be gentile when cleaning them and use a damp cloth and watch if they have any indications of redness or if your dog is having issues with them.

Should you Cut Your French Bulldogs Coat?

No… It’s not healthy to cut there coat, it only grows to a certain length and stops growing. Their hair helps with controlling their body heat and protects there skin. The only reason to cut or shave there coat is if your vet wants it done to treat a heath issue.

Picking a Good Shampoo For Shedding French Bulldogs

Spending some time grooming your Frenchie will help with shedding, however getting into a bathing routine can work wonders for controlling shedding if you use a dog shampoo that’s made for shedding dogs. Here’s 5 things to look for in a shedding shampoo:

Number 1] Fatty Acids Rich in Omega… All dogs will require a good balance of omega-3 as well as omega-6 included in their diet to give them a vigorous coat. If your French bulldog is not getting enough of these in their diet you can use a shampoo that contains them.

Number 2] Vitamin E… This is an important ingredient in dog shampoo that helps with the shedding issues as well as good skin health.

Number 3] Moisturizers… Keeping your dog’s skin moist also plays a role in there heath that also deals with shedding. Check your shampoo ingredients list for aloe-vera or oatmeal these are natural and help with shedding.

Number 4] Dog Smell… Look for a shampoo that also contains coconut and extracts from herbs, avoid shampoos that use synthetic additives.

Number 5] All Natural… Choose a shampoo that uses natural ingredients that will help with your dog skin and coat, avoid chemical ingredients. After all you want your dog’s shedding and coat to improve not get worst from dangerous synthetic additives.


No dog owner wants to have to deal with excessive shedding making a mess on the carpet and furniture. While it’s true all dog will shed, by following the tips in this article you can lessen and keep the shedding under control. Thanks for reading.

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